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D-alpha Tocopherol

Release time:2020-11-29

Product Name: D-alpha Tocopherol

Type: 1000IU

CAS No.: 59-02-9

Chemical Formula: C29H50O2

Molecular Weight: 430.72

EINECS NO.: 200-412-2

Density: 0.93

Melting Point: 2.5-3.5ºC

Boiling Point: 200-220ºC (0.07501 mmHg)

Flash Point: 253℃

Refractive Index: n20/D 1.505(lit.)

[Physical & Chemical Data]

Color:Yellow to brownish red

Odor: Nearly odorless

Appearance: Clear oily liquid

[Analytical Quality]


Chemical reaction: Positive

GC: Corresponds to RS

Acidity: ≤1ml

Optical rotation: ≥+24°


D-alpha tocopherol: ≥67.11%



Heavy Metals: ≤10ppm

*Arsenic: ≤3ppm

*Lead: ≤2ppm

*Mercury: ≤1ppm

* B(a)p: ≤2ppb

*PAH4: ≤10ppb


TAMC: ≤1000cfu/g

Yeast & Moulds: ≤100cfu/g

E.coli: Negative/10g

Shelf Life: 24 months in the unopened original container.

Packing & Storage: 20KG steel drum or 50KG steel drum. It shall be stored at ambient temperature, dry conditions, protected from heat, light and oxygen.