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Company Profile

Our founder, Jenny Yu, had the idea of creating an international company dealing in the export of chemical raw materials in 2010. At that time, she just finished her postgraduate degree in organic chemistry. 2010 was the end of China's "The Eleventh Five-Year Plan" , the chemical industry made a lot of contributions during that period, , and a number of high-tech industrialization demonstration projects were implemented emphatically, and traditional chemical industry chains such as the coal mining industry and the biochemical industry have also laid a solid foundation. Therefore, Jenny Yu is full of longing for the future development potential of the chemical industry, and sincerely hopes to use her professional knowledge to connect with multiple buyers or importers abroad, providing high-quality Chinese-made products and services, and at the same time make friends with more people who have chemical backgrounds.

After three years of market research and understanding of product knowledge, Jenny Yu founded Handom Chemicals in 2013, with the implication that the chemicals carefully produced by the Han people will benefit the world. At the beginning, Handom Chemicals provided American customers with high-quality vitamin E, vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 through the excellent service of the team, which gained trust and gradually established its own customer base and sales channels.
With the development of our company, Handom Chemicals has now expanded its sales varieties, including pharmaceutical intermediates & excipients, home care & personal care raw materials, and we are now stably exporting chemical products to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile , UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Uzbekistan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Ghana, Ethiopia, Madagascar, etc.  And in the process of doing businesses with foreign customers, we gradually realized that "helping others is helping yourself".  There is an old Chinese saying that "The roses in her hand, the flavor in mine."  If you think about others, others will also think about you, the communication between people is mutual, and so is the company.  We should always hold a frank and pure heart.

Therefore, our company's core philosophy is "People-Oriented, Customer First".   We care about everyone's inner thoughts and feelings, and also pay attention to the growth of each employee.   We hope that along with the company's development, our team members and our service partners can all enjoy the spring breeze and get spiritual improvement.   It feels really good to be improving every moment.
In the future, we hope to focus on sustainable development and environmental protection, because now our earth mother is too polluted, air pollution, water pollution, land pollution are pervasive, plastic waste and vehicle exhaust are seriously eroding our living home. So we are also committed to developing environmentally friendly products, such as pure natural nutritional ingredients (Plant-Based Proteins, Plant-Based Peptides, etc.), as well as biodegradable home care or personal care products. We will always remind ourselves to "Live and Learn", and we will do our best to contribute to improving the quality of human life.