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Methyl Salicylate

Release time:2020-12-02

Product Name: Methyl Salicylate

CAS No.: 119-36-8

Molecular Formula: C8H8O3

Molecular Weight: 152.15

EINECS NO.: 204-317-7

Melting Point: -8℃

Boiling Point: 222℃(lit.)

Flash Point: 226℉

Density: 1.174g/mL at 25℃(lit.)

Vapor Density: 5.26(vs air)

Vapor Pressure: 1 mm Hg(54℃)

Refractive Index: n20/D1.536(lit.)

Solubility: Very slightly soluble in water, miscible with ethanol(96 percent) and with fatty and essential oils.

Water Solubility: 0.07 g/100 mL(20℃)

Characters: Colorless or slightly yellow liquid

Solubility in 70% alcohol: Not more than slight cloudiness

Identification: Sample infrared absorption spectropho-tometry Complies with Methyl Salicylate. CRS

Specific gravity: 1.180-1.185

Angular rotation: Is optically inactive

Refractive Index: 1.535-1.538(20℃)

Heavy metal: ≤20ppm(The limit is 20ug per g)

Residual solvents: Methanol≤3000ppm

Assay: Contains C8H8O3 98.0%-100.5%