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APG 0810

Release time:2022-12-04

Alkyl Glucoside APG0810

Main Ingredient: C8-10 Alkyl Glucoside


Item Specification
Appearance Light yellow viscous liquid
pH Value 6 ~ 8
Solid Content Not less than 50%
Viscosity(20℃, mPa.s) Not less than 200


APG has high surface activity, good ecological safety and solubility, and is internationally recognized as the preferred "green" functional nonionic surfactant. Its surface tension is low, the foaming ability is strong and the foam is rich, it is mild to human skin, has a good synergistic effect with other surfactants, especially can greatly reduce the irritation of cosmetic formulation system.


1. Applicable to all kinds of shampoos, facial cleansers, hand sanitizers, cosmetics, etc.

2. Suitable for textile auxiliaries and pesticide auxiliaries use. It is an excellent foaming agent for foaming water and oil exploitation.

Packing & Storage

200/1000 kg(Net Weight) per plastic drum. Stored in cool and dry places, kept away from heat and light.

Under above mentioned packing and storage conditions, the shelf life will be 12 months.

Product Operation & Safety Guideline:

Please kindly read the safety specifications to ensure safety when using HDC's products under special conditions. Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) can be obtained from HDC. When using other chemicals in this document, please obtain the relevant safety technical information and take appropriate safety precautions.