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Release time:2023-04-26

Product Name: Octocrylene

CAS No.: 6197-30-4

Molecular Formula: C24H27NO2

Molecular Weight: 361.48

EINECS No.: 228-250-8

Brief Introduction:

Octocrylene is an organic substance with a chemical formula of C24H27NO2, an oil-soluble UV absorber, insoluble in water. It has the property of helping other oil-soluble solid sunscreens to dissolve. Also has the advantages of high absorption rate, non-toxicity, no teratogenic effect, good light and thermal stability, etc. It can absorb UV-B and a small amount of UV-A. It is a class I sunscreen approved by the US FDA and is widely used in the United States and Europe.


Test Items Specifications
Appearance Yellow transparent viscous liquid
Identification A UV 197U Absorptivities at 303nm do not differ by more that of the Standard solution
Acidity(0.1mol/L NaOH)
Not more than 0.18mL/g
Individual Impurity
Not more than 0.5%
Total Impurities
Not more than 2.0%
Relative Density
1.045 ~ 1.055
Refractive Index 1.561 ~ 1.571
95.0% ~ 105.0%

Features & Advantages:
♔  Improves water resistance of formulations
♔  Excellent solvent for solid chemical sunscreens
♔  Effective photostabilizer for avobenzone
♔  Can increase the absorption of UVA-II band in the final products

Use and Dosage:
Octocrylene can be well used in sunscreen formulations in personal care and cosmetics, as well as skin and nail care products.
* Maximum addition: 10%

25kg net drum or 200kg net drum.

Storage Conditions:
Preserved in unopened original drums in a cool dry place before using; kept away from sunlight, heat and moisture.

Shelf Life:
24 months if stored under above mentioned conditions.