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Bovine Collagen Peptide

Release time:2024-06-06

Product Name: Bovine Collagen Peptide

Type: Collagens

Source: Cowhide or Bovine bone glue

Execution Standard: GB31645-2018

Brief Introduction:

Bovine collagen peptide is made from collagen from cowhide or bovine bone gelatin, which is hydrolyzed and refined under strictly controlled conditions.


Bovine collagen peptide is a light yellow to white powder, free of lumps and impurities, with a unique smell of collagen. It is soluble in water and has no impurities or precipitation after being fully dissolved.

Specifications of our Bovine Collagen Peptide:

Test Items
/ White or yellowish
Taste & Odour
/ Typical, no peculiar smell
/ Powder or granules, without caking, no foreign body visible to naked eyes
Protein Content
% Not less than 90.0
Moisture Content
Not more than 7.0
Ash Content
% Not more than 7.0
Not more than 1.0
Not more than 2.0
Total Arsenic(As)
Not more than 1.0
Not more than 0.1
Total Mercury(Hg)
Not more than 0.1
Total Plate Count
c m M
5 2 10000 100000
n c m M
5 2 10 100

Efficacy and Uses:

1. Nourishing Joint Cartilage:
Because bovine collagen peptide powder contains rich amino acids and minerals, these ingredients can be absorbed and utilized by the body, thereby playing a role in nourishing joints. Appropriate consumption of bovine collagen peptide powder can supplement the body with necessary nutrients and help maintain good health.

2. Promoting Wound Healing:
Because the collagen in bovine collagen peptide powder is the main protein that constitutes connective tissue, it has the function of repairing damaged tissue in the body, so it can promote wound healing. Appropriate intake of bovine collagen peptide powder can help accelerate the wound recovery process and reduce scar formation.

3. Improve Skin:

The molecular structure of collagen in bovine collagen peptide powder is similar to that of fibrin in the skin, so it can enhance the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Using bovine collagen peptide powder orally or externally can help improve the water retention and toughness of the skin, thereby achieving the purpose of improving skin elasticity. Creams containing bovine collagen can also help improve acne, and applying cream twice a day can cleanse the skin.

4. Increase Bone Density:
Mineral elements such as calcium and phosphorus contained in bovine collagen peptide powder are essential for bone health, they are involved in the formation and maintenance of bones. Appropriate supplementation of bovine collagen peptide powder is beneficial to prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis and can enhance bone strength.

5. Relieve Fatigue:
Amino acids in bovine collagen peptide powder can be used as raw materials for synthesizing energy molecules, thereby helping the body to produce more energy. Appropriate consumption of bovine collagen peptide powder can relieve muscle fatigue and improve athletic performance.

6. Promotes Deep Sleep:

The most abundant amino acid in collagen is glycine, an immunonutrient that supports a healthy inflammatory response and promotes deeper, more restorative sleep.

7. As a Topical Treatment:
Bovine collagen is also commonly used to help with several common problems. One study showed that topical ointments and sprays of bovine type I collagen were effective in treating acute anal fissures in children. For itching near the anus (anal pruritus), a cream containing 5% bovine collagen applied twice a day or more may provide relief. When applied topically to the rectum, bovine collagen may also help reduce symptoms of hemorrhoids.


1kg/Aluminum Foil Bag, 5kg/Carton, 10kg/Carton, 20kg/Composite Kraft Paper Bag, 20kg/Fibre Drum or according to the specific requirements from customers.

Storage Conditions:

Preserved in unopened original containers in a cool dry place before using; kept away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.

Shelf Life:

24 months after manufacturing date if stored under above mentioned conditions.