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Ascorbyl palmitate, L-AP used as an antioxidant and color retention agent, CAS No.: 137-66-6

Release time:2021-06-20

Product Name: 6-O-palmitoyl-L-ascorbic acid

CAS No.: 137-66-6

Molecular Formula: C22H38O7

Molecular Weight: 414.54


Appearance: A white or yellow-white powder

Assay(On dried basis): 98.0% -100.5%

Whiteness: Not less than 68

State of solution: Clear and Not more than BY4

Optical rotation: Between +21 °and +24°

Melting range: Between 107°C and 117°C

Loss on drying: Not more than 0.8%

Residue on ignition: Not more than 0.1%

Sulphated ash: Not more than 0.1%

Bacteria amount: Not more than 1000 cfu/g

Coliforms bacteria: Not more than 30 MPN/100g

Pathogenic bacteria (salmonella,  shigella, staphylococcus aureus): Negative

Heavy metal (as Pb): Not more than 4 ppm

Lead: Not more than 2 ppm

Arsenic: Not more than 1 ppm

Cadmium: Not more than 0.5 ppm

Mercury: Not more than 0.01 ppm

Identification: Positive