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Release time:2022-09-04

Product Name: Inulin

Botanical Source: Helianthus tuberosus L

Used Part of the Plant: Tuber

Appearance: White to yellowish powder

Odor: Odorless

Taste: Slightly sweet taste

Inulin Content: Not less than 90.0g/100g

Fructose+Glucose+Sucrose: Not more than 10.0g/100g

Loss on Drying: Not more than 4.5g/100g

Residue on Ignition: Not more than 0.2g/100g

pH Value(10% Aqueous Solution): 5.0~7.0

Lead(Pb): Not more than 0.2mg/kg

Arsenic(As): Not more than 0.2mg/kg

Cadmium(Cd): Not more than 0.1mg/kg

Mercury(Hg): Not more than 0.1mg/kg

Total Plate Count: Not more than 1,000CFU/g

Yeasts & Moulds: Not more than 50CFU/g

E. coli: Negative

Salmonella: Negative

S. aureus: Negative

Packing & Storage: Food grade plastic bag inner, three-layer composite kraft paper bag outside. Sealed and stored at room temperature, protected from moisture and sunlight.

Shelf Life: The product can be stored in sealed original packaging under the above mentioned conditions for 36 Months from the date of manufacturing.