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Non-GMO Natural Flavored Pumpkin Seed Protein

Release time:2023-02-11

Pumpkin Seed Protein 65% Powder

Product Name: Pumpkin Seed Protein

Description: Pumpkin seed protein is obtained from the seeds of Cucurbita pepo L, produced in China. It is a food grade vegan raw protein made from . non-GMO China origin pumpkin kernel. It provides high level of nutrition and functionality. No additives have been added into the protein.

HS Code: 3504009000

Packaging: 20 kgs paper-plastic composite bag with PE bag inner, vacuum packaging.

Storage Precautions: Pumpkin seed protein has to be stored in its unopened original packaging in a dry place, free from odours, insects and rodents. Under these conditions the product can be stored for 24 months.

Organoleptic Evaluation Description
Color & Taste Greenish or bottle green powder, uniformity and relax, no agglomeration or mildew, no foreign matters with naked eyes
As per customers' requirements
Sieve Analysis
95% pass through 300 mesh(0.054mm) mesh screen
pH Value

Testing Items Units Specifications Testing Methods
Protein Content(On Dried Basis) % ≥65.0 GB 5009.5-2016
Fat(On Dried Basis) % ≤10.0 GB 5009.6-2016
Moisture % ≤8.0 GB 5009.3-2016
Ash(On Dried Basis) % ≤7.0 GB 5009.4-2016
Fiber(On Dried Basis) % ≤8.0 GB 5009.10-2003
Heavy Metals ppm ≤10 BS EN ISO 17294-2 2016 mod
Lead(Pb) ppm ≤1.0 BS EN ISO 17294-2 2016 mod
Arsenic(As) ppm ≤0.5 BS EN ISO 17294-2 2016 mod
Cadmium(Cd) ppm ≤0.5 BS EN ISO 17294-2 2016 mod
Mercury(Hg) ppm ≤0.5 BS EN ISO 17294-2 2016 mod
Gluten Allergen ppm ≤20 ESQ-TP-0207 r-BioPharm ELIS
Soy Allergen ppm ≤10 ESQ-TP-0203 Neogen 8410
ppm ≤0.1 FDA LIB No. 4421 modified
Aflatoxin B1+B2+G1+G2
ppb ≤4.0 DIN EN 14123. mod
Ochratoxin A
ppb ≤5.0 DIN EN 14132. mod
---- Not Detected
En 13751:2009
% ≤0.01 Real-time PCR
Total Plate Count
CFU/g ≤10000 GB 4789.2-2016
Molds & Yeasts
CFU/g ≤100 GB 4789.15-2016
CFU/g ≤10 GB 4789.3-2016
E. coli
CFU/10g Negative GB 4789.38-2012
Negative GB 4789.4-2016


①. Foods
Pumpkin seed protein powder can be directly added as a nutritional ingredient to finished grains such as flour and corn flour to make up for the lack of essential amino acids (especially lysine) in cereal foods. It can also be used as an additive in baked goods to improve product flavor and nutritional content.
②. Meat Products
Adding pumpkin seed protein powder to high-grade meat products not only improves the texture and flavor of meat products, but also increases protein content and strengthens vitamins.
③. Dairy Products
Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder is nutritionally complete and contains no cholesterol.
④. Drinks
Pumpkin seed kernel powder was used as the research object, and glutinous rice flour, japonica rice flour and potato starch were used as auxiliary materials.
⑤. Health Products
Pumpkin seed protein has the functions of improving cardiovascular disease, improving immunity, and anti-oxidation, which can be directly added to health care products.