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Non-GMO Sunflower Seed Protein 50% Powder

Release time:2023-02-10

Sunflower Seed Protein 50% Powder

Species: Helianthus annuus L.

Country of Origin: The protein is obtained from the seeds of Helianthus annuus L, produced in China.

Description: Sunflower protein powder is a food grade raw protein made from Non-GMO China origin sunflower seed, it provides high level of nutrition and functionality. No additives have been added into the protein.

HS Code: 3504009000

Storage Precautions: Our sunflower seed protein has to be stored in its unopened original packaging in a dark dry place(Temperature below 25℃), free from odours, insects and rodents. Under these conditions this product can be kept for 18 months.

Production Process: Hulled Sunflower Seed → 1st defatted(Cold Pressed) → 2nd defatted(Physical Extraction) → Sunflower Hearts Cakes/Meal → Heat Treatment → Milling → Sieving → Sunflower Hearts Protein → Inner Packaging →X-Ray Detecting → Outer Packaging → Finished Products → Delivery

Off-white powder
Unique smell of Sunflower, no peculiar smell
Unique taste of Sunflower, no peculiar smell
Particle Size
>95% pass through 80 mesh
Protein Content(On Dried Basis)
≤0.5 mg/kg
≤0.2 mg/kg
≤0.2 mg/kg
≤0.5 mg/kg
Total Plate Count
<100000 CFU/g
<100 CFU/g
E. coli
<10 CFU/g
<1000 CFU/g
<1000 CFU/g
Salmonella(In 25g)
Not Detected
Aflatoxin B1
≤2.0 ppb
Aflatoxin B1+B2+G1+G2
≤4.0 ppb
Ochratoxin A
≤3.0 ppb

Net Weight: 10kg/bag, 2 bags/carton

Description of the packaging(Material): Aluminum foil bag and cartons.

General Statement

Composition: . sunflower protein and does not contain any other ingredients or additives.

GMO: Our protein does not contain any genetically modified components.

Allergen: Free from allergen and gluten.

BSE/TSE: Our protein is produced based on vegetable raw materials, thereby no risk of BSE/TSE.

WADA: Our protein does not contain any substance included in the World Anti-Doping Agency(WADA) Prohibited List(Last Edition).

Impurities: We confirm that impurities, including pesticides and heavy metals, are compliance with Proposition 65 and FDA relative regulations.

Non-Irradiation: Not irradiated at any point during the entire manufacturing processes.

Vegan/Vegetarian: Our protein is suitable for vegans or vegetarians.