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Release time:2024-06-11

Product Name: Lamivudine

Synonyms: 3TC; Epivir; GR109714X; (-)NGPB-21; Lamivudine; (-)-BCH-189; cis-Lamivudine; LaMivudine-13C-d2; LaMivudine(Epivir); (2R-cis)-4-amino-1-; 2′-Deoxy-3′-thiacytidine; 3′-thia-2′,3′-dideoxcytidine; (-)-2¢-deoxy-3¢-thiacytidine; (-) 2′-Deoxy-3′-thiacytidine; 3¢-thia-2¢,3¢-dideoxycytidine; (-)-1-[(2R,5S)-2-(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-oxathiolan-5-yl]cystosine; 3TC(-)-1-[(2R,5S)-2-(Hydroxymethyl)-1,3-oxathiolan-5-yl]cytosine; 4-amino-1-[(2R,5S)-2-(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-oxathiolan-5-yl]pyrimidin-2(1H)-one; 4-AMino-1-[(2R,5S)-2-(hydroxyMethyl)-1,3-oxathiolan-5-yl]-2(1H)-pyriMidinone; 4-AMino-1-((2R,5S)-2-(hydroxyMethyl)-1,3-oxathiolan-5-yl)pyriMidin-2(1H)-one; 4-amino-1-[(2S,5R)-2-(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-oxathiolan-5-yl]pyrimidin-2(1H)-one; (2R-cis)-4-Amino-1-[2-(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-oxathiolan-5-yl]-2(1H)-pyrimidinone; 2(1H)-Pyrimidinone,4-amino-1-[2-(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-oxathiolan-5-yl]-,(2R-cis)-

CAS No.: 134678-17-4; 131086-21-0

EINECS No.: 603-844-3

Molecular Formula: C8H11N3O3S

Molecular Weight: 229.26

Brief Introduction:

Lamivudine is an organic compound with the chemical formula C8H11N3O3S. It is mainly used as an antiviral drug and has a competitive inhibitory effect on the synthesis and extension of viral DNA chains.

Mechanism of Action:

The mechanism of action of lamivudine is to inhibit the activity of viral DNA polymerase and reverse transcriptase, and to competitively inhibit the synthesis and extension of viral DNA chains, which can quickly and effectively reduce serum HBV DNA levels.

Specifications of our Lamivudine:

White or off-white crystalline powder
Soluble in water, sparingly soluble in methanol
The infrared absorption spectrum of the sample should be concordant with the standard spectrum.
HPLC The retention time of the major peak in the chromatogram of the Test solution should correspond to that in the chromatogram of the System suitability solution as obtained in the test for Limit of Lamivudine Enantiomer.
Water by KF
Not more than 0.2%
Melting Range
174℃ ~ 179℃
Specific Optical Rotation
-97° ~ -99°
Residue on Ignition
Not more than 0.1%
Heavy Metals
Not more than 20 ppm
Colour of the solution
The absorbance should not exceed 0.3
Related Substances
Impurity Ⅰ
Not more than 0.3%
Impurity Ⅱ
Not more than 0.2%
Impurity Ⅲ
Not more than 0.1%
Salicylic Acid
Not more than 0.1%
Any other individual impurity
Not more than 0.1%
Total impurities
Not more than 0.6%
Not more than 0.3%
Between 98.0% and 102.0% on the anhydrous and solvent-free basis


② Chronic hepatitis B
③ Viral hepatitis
④ Cytomegalovirus infection


1kg/Aluminum Foil Bag, 5kg/Carton, 10kg/Carton, 25kg/Fibre Drum or according to the specific requirements from customers.

Storage Conditions:

Preserved in unopened original containers in a cool dry place before using; kept away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.

Shelf Life:

12 months if stored under above mentioned conditions.